PULSED was founded to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.

Give Your Service Team Superpowers

AI that searches, answers, writes and translates for you and your service team.

AI That Supports

Knowledge at Light Speed

Nobody knows everything. New employees can lack experience, and experienced personnel sometimes forget! AI-Chat from PULSED is like having an experienced assistant alongside you 24/7.

AI That Drafts

Customer Service with 1-Click

Writing a professional customer service email can be tricky and time consuming. Generate perfectly formed emails in seconds containing the exact technical information your customer needs.

AI That Translates

Multi-Lingual Service

Documentation in a different language? Customers that speak other languages?... No problem. The powerful AI used in PULSED portals will support multi-lingual customer service at the click of a button.

Give your service personnel the tools to work faster, more effectively and deliver even better customer service with a service and knowledge portal from PULSED.

Centralised Storage

Single Source of Knowledge

Effective and efficient knowledge sharing will unlock vast potential in your entire service team. Call-centre staff, travelling service personnel and those in manufacturing support will be empowered and enabled to do more.

  • Eliminate information and knowledge silos
  • Build a knowledge sharing ethos in your company
  • Stop your team answering the same questions over and over again!

Universal Access

Web & Mobile Optimised

Your portal from PULSED is accessible anywhere, anytime and, importantly on any device. Whether in the office on a desktop PC, by a customer using a tablet or at the airport on a mobile phone, your team, and customers, have universal access.

  • Desktop and tablet optimised
  • Access via mobile devices
  • Secure and encrypted connection

Stress Free Start

Easy and Fast Implementation

Starting with a new software is a notoriously painful process... not with PULSED! We have developed our portals to ensure rapid implementation and onboarding by automating the majority of the process.

  • Automated import tools
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface
  • Zero-training requirement

(Knowledge) Sharing is Caring

Check out our completely free resources, blog and templates.

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What is a knowledge base? The essential tool you are missing

A knowledge base is the key to good customer service. It’s also something that many companies don’t have! This guide will teach you everything about what a knowledge base is, and how to get started using one in your business.

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Customer complaints: Respond, reinforce, grow

Are you ready to turn the next unhappy customer into a lifelong advocate?

The Future of B2B Service

The next evolution of B2B service support and sales has arrived and the customer is more demanding than ever. Within that demand is huge potential when it is correctly harnessed.

PULSED supports and delivers omnichannel, hybrid support and sales giving your customers more whilst allowing your teams to unlock their full potential.

Improve Employee Wellness With PULSED

With tools and automation that support your team's daily tasks, dramatically reduce the risk of stress-related burn out. Empower your staff deliver the level of customer service they strive to, but can't always achieve, and watch job satisfaction sky rocket!