PULSED was founded to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.

Security. Privacy. Control.

Knowledge is invaluable, that's why we've got it locked up

PULSED’s end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control provides your service teams and your customers enterprise-level security giving you confidence and infrastructure that keeps your knowledge safe.

By Design

The sole purpose of PULSED’s security program is to safeguard customer data and to maintain trust at all times.

Our approach is one of creating multi-layered defences to provide security-in-depth. Our data security team thrives on continually reinforcing and refining our controls and safety measures.

We view compliance and regulatory requirements as minimum standards to achieve, with our team our always looking at ways to achieve industry best practice, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Whether you’re using our enterprise edition or one of our free trial versions we always maintain the privacy of data you entrust with us.

Data and knowledge you store within your PULSED portal is yours - our security program protects it, and we only use it as permitted in our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement. Your data is never shared across customers and is never sold to third-party providers.

& Protection

With Confidence

Whether located within Europe, the Americas or Asia we understand the need to adhere to regional regulations.

Features such as "GDPR delete" as well as our usage tracking policy and account settings can be customised to match the requirements of your region - making it even easier for you to ensure compliance at all times.

Need the fine print? We've got it covered.

The PULSED Privacy Policy

Cloud Security

Every cloud has a silver lining...ours is data security.

Our Data Centres

PULSED is primarily hosted within AWS data centres that have been certified as ISO, PCI DSS Service Provider Level, and/or SOC compliant.

These centres employ the use of backup power, fire suppression systems, physical security measures and intrusion detection systems to ensure your data is fully protected. Learn about Compliance at AWS.

All communications with PULSED portals are encrypted via industry standard HTTPS/TLS (TLS 1.2 or higher) over public networks.

This ensures that all traffic between you, your customers and PULSED is secure during transit. At rest, service data is encrypted using AES-256 key encryption.



Our network is protected through the use of key security services, regular audits, and network intelligence technologies, which monitor and/or block known malicious traffic and network attacks.

Our network security scanning gives us the ability to immediately identify out-of-compliance or potentially vulnerable systems.

Want to know more? We understand.

Download our Security Whitepaper

Popular Features

Network Security

Standard SSL Certificate

Secure your content and lead data with standard SSL on all PULSEDhosted content.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your employees and customers can sign in to PULSED using single sign-on credentials, making it easy for them to log in while enhancing security and your control over who has access.

Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, logging in requires verification using a second device, such as a mobile phone or email account.


GDPR deletion

Permanently delete a contact / account and prevent accidental recreation.


Field-Level Permissions

Disable the editing of specific properties for certain users to keep your teams’ and customers’ accounts efficient and your database clean.


Give teams different permissions for your portal pages, chat functions, document module, notes and other features based on role, region, and more, so they can only see and edit content relevant to them.

Admin tools

Includes permissions, partitioning, assigning roles, and more.

(Knowledge) Sharing is Caring

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The Most Secure Portal Solution For Your Business

Your data and knowledge is exactly that, yours. We're committed to keeping it secure and private. Our multi-layered defences and security management strategy minimises risks and reinforces our culture of security at PULSED.