PULSED was founded to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.

Empower & Impress Your Customers

AI that supports, empowers and trains your customers.

AI That Supports

Vast Source of Knowledge

There is no such thing as a silly question! Our AI-chat and Document library allows your customers to 'chat' directly with the machine documentation.

AI That Never Sleeps

24/7, 365 Availability

Manning and resourcing international, 24/7 service support is a complicated and difficult task. Your own portal gives your customers 24/7 premium service support every day of the year. No matter what time of the day, in any time zone of the world.

AI That Trains

Academy Training Platform

It’s not always possible to stay with your customers long enough to train all of their team. Our AI knowledge base allows you to offer a worldclass training platform for your customers. Offer free or payable training content to boost your service revenue.

AI That Translates

Multi-Lingual Service

Your customer’s workforce can be a fantastic mix of cultures and languages. This can often be a challenge regarding machine operation & training... not any more! The powerful AI used in PULSED portals provides multi-lingual support at the click of a button.

Enhance customer’s experiences by allowing them to effortlessly access knowledge, manage service requests and train, with a portal from PULSED.

Personalised Experience

Customer-Specific Access

Customers access their secure, private area of your portal via a password protected login.

  • Display customer-specific content
  • Allow them to view the exact products they have from you
  • Let them control access for their co-workers and team

Rapid Access

QR Code Scanned Access

Give your customer secure, direct access to their specific product information by scanning a QR code directly on their product. Fast, simple, easy.

  • Direct to product information
  • Secure login access
  • No app or specific software required
  • MVO 2023 conform

Create New Growth

Premium Features & Access

Provide premium features and content for your customers whilst creating a new revenue stream for your service business.

  • Provide training material for a fee
  • Charge for portal access
  • Provide historical document replacement for a fee

(Knowledge) Sharing is Caring

Check out our completely free resources, blog and templates.

What is a Dynamic QR Code?

The updated EU Machine Regulations have made product documentation access via QR code mandatory. But how can you do this and what is the best way forward?

What is a knowledge base? The essential tool you are missing

A knowledge base is the key to good customer service. It’s also something that many companies don’t have! This guide will teach you everything about what a knowledge base is, and how to get started using one in your business.

An outstanding customer decision journey: B2C hype or a B2B must?

The customer decision journey is an essential part of the overall buying process. It's the path that a customer takes, starting with their first touch point and ending with their purchase. The journey has evolved over time and it's now more dynamic than ever before.

Customer complaints: Respond, reinforce, grow

Are you ready to turn the next unhappy customer into a lifelong advocate?

The Future of B2B Service

The next evolution of B2B service support and sales has arrived and the customer is more demanding than ever. Within that demand is huge potential when it is correctly harnessed.

PULSED supports and delivers omnichannel, hybrid support and sales giving your customers more whilst allowing your teams to unlock their full potential.

Boost Brand Loyalty With PULSED

Today's B2B customers have high expectations. With a service portal from PULSED exceed these expectations, by empowering your customers to be able to use your products even more effectively. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty today.