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Simon Lowes

An outstanding customer decision journey: B2C hype or a B2B must?

The customer decision journey is an essential part of the overall buying process. It's the path that a customer takes, starting with their first touch point and ending with their purchase. The journey has evolved over time and it's now more dynamic than ever before.

While many people still think that B2B and B2C are two very different things, they're not! In fact, every customer goes through a similar decision making process regardless of whether they're buying business services or consumer goods.

Everyone is a B2C buyer
Yes…Even the contract-loving automotive purchaser you engage with at work!
It is essential for businesses to keep in mind that every B2B buyer is, outside of work, a B2C buyer. Why does this matter? As a result, many B2B buyers are bringing their B2C influenced expectations, such as a seamless and convenient buying experience, with them to work!
This barrage of expectations can be seen in the growing trend of B2B companies adopting B2C-like strategies, such as providing personalized and user-friendly digital experiences, to meet the expectations of their buyers. B2B companies need to understand that B2B buyers are also B2C buyers, and they have similar expectations from both B2B and B2C buying experience.

B2B must improve the customer experience to keep up with the expectations from digital-savvy B2C customers
As digital technology continues to advance, B2B buyers are becoming increasingly digital-savvy and have come to expect a similar level of convenience and personalization in their professional purchasing decisions as they do in their personal ones. B2B companies need to improve the customer experience to meet these expectations and retain customers.
Improving the customer experience can include adopting digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to provide more personalized and efficient service and improve the overall buying process.
In addition B2B companies can also focus on building more user-friendly and intuitive digital platforms and websites, as well as providing engaging and helpful content to educate and assist customers in their purchasing decisions.

It’s hybrid not just Digital: Building a personal relationship matters
In spite of the increasing use of digital technology, building relationships is still an important aspect of B2B service and sales support.
Building trust and understanding the needs of customers through personal interactions can help B2B companies to create long-term partnerships and a better understanding of customer's needs. Such interactions can also help to identify new business opportunities, and improve customer loyalty and retention.
The holy grail? A seamless hybrid strategy. The perfect use and combination of personal interactions such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and email alongside digital methods like social media, video conferencing, and chatbots. Let your team establish and build relationships and provide them the technology to maintain and strengthen it.

The lines have been blurred… Well actually they have almost been erased! Your B2b customers’ expectations have changed dramatically over the past 3 years and so has their purchasing behaviour. So, don’t be afraid of change; instead embrace it, you are a B2C buyer so you already have the knowledge needed to build an awesome B2B customer journey…now crack on and implement it!