PULSED was founded to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.

Our Story

We founded PULSED to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.

A service leader’s perspective

Our journey began in an international machine tool manufacturer in Bavaria, with a suggestion that it could be possible to deliver B2C levels of customer service and experience within B2B sectors. Years of focus on customer satisfaction, and even the onset of the pandemic-era, had barely improved the situation for many, and instead, resulted in many redundant systems that actually slowed down the customer service process.

Not being able to provide 24/7 support, missing crucial customer calls, forgetting a spare parts order or not being able to find important machine details are often topics that are quickly excused or ignored. Yet they have a far greater impact on the reputation and financial success of an organisation than many other factors. So we fixed it.

A user-focused design

As service leaders and software engineers, this challenge excited us. And we were uniquely positioned to solve these core problems with an intimate understanding of the difficulties, using a platform and user experience skills we knew best.

We saw three main challenges that needed to be resolved: service teams are short-staffed and need more time in the day (!), companies need to increase service revenue to support growth plans, and customer satisfaction, driven by customer experience, needed to be dramatically improved. So we made it our mission to create an intelligent, accessible, and simple-to-use customer service software that helped focus on the areas that really deliver success.

A cloud connection

After years of user research and design, the core components of PULSED came together. And the need to simplify, optimise the user-experience and deliver incredible value for money, for manufacturers and their customers, lead us to base PULSED within the cloud; to cut out unnecessary IT-infrastructure and to deliver value directly to you.

By doing this, we can improve every aspect of your experience, and that of your customers, whilst eliminating the need for you to have to create expensive and complicated solutions of your own. We are PULSED - the modern bridge (or portal!) between you and your customer, and this is just the beginning.

Our Promise

Never to stop improving our software and, thus, always optimising your service support.

Provide a seamless, fully integrated service platform that saves you time and grows your business.

Align PULSED with the needs of your industry and putting what’ s best for your business and its customers before all else.