PULSED was founded to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.

Why choose PULSED?

PULSED is a B2B customer portal platform that brings together everything high-growth companies need to provide market-leading customer service and experiences in one place.

At PULSED the end user comes first. Why? Because a happy customer invests more in your company, remains loyal to your brand and will tell others!

Start creating amazing customer experiences and boosting your service business with PULSED.

PULSED is the #1 Customer Portal Platform for high-growth businesses

Create customer portals that allow your customer to monitor, review, research, train, learn and purchase...all in one place!

PULSED allows your business to outperform the competition with a single, easy-to-use platform.

What are the benefits of a customer service portal?


Enhance capability

A customer portal is available 24/7 to your customers even if your team are not. Regardless of the time zone or if it is the middle of the night shift, help is at hand.


Increase Revenue

Boost online spare parts sales and up-selling opportunities with the Warehouse module. AIdriven recommendations will also support high-margin service & maintenance sales.


Empower your customers

Your customers want to help themselves, so let them! It really is win-win. Empower them by giving them the tools and information they need.


Increase loyalty

Providing best-in-class service support will set you ahead of your competition and reinforce customer loyalty. This will support service as well as new & repeat business.


Support staff wellbeing

Service leaders and staff have never had to meet such demanding customer expectations. PULSED gives them the tools and capability to deliver more without burning out.

PULSED is designed to enhance customer experience & deliver high-growth

PULSED has been created with two groups in mind, your company and your customers. The entire platform is orientated to allow you to deliver market-leading customer experiences and service support whilst also focusing on supporting your high-growth targets.

The single platform concept streamlines your service business providing significant internal and external benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

At PULSED we are lucky enough to not only have some of the best software developers in the world but also some of the best service leaders. This combination is our secret sauce!

Our service leaders are typically people that have worked in manufacturing industries and have gained a deep understanding of the requirements of both companies and customers in these sectors. This gives us insight! Everything we create at PULSED we pass by our service leaders and, of course, our customers! We don't just develop features we think are useful we develop features you have told us you need!

Honestly...because it is the best purchasing model we can offer you! Using a subscription model allows us to provide all of the following benefits to you:

- You can access PULSED from any device, anywhere in the world.
- You do not need to purchase any new hardware or make any changes to your internal servers.
- We provide premium-class data security.
- We continually update and modernise the software meaning you are always using the latest version.
- The monthly subscription is a tiny fraction of the cost compared to having to develop and purchase your own software.

And best of all...We routinely provide new features and tools at no extra cost!

Our European headquarters is located in Kempten, southern Bavaria. Where you say?! About 120 km south-west of Munich, in the land of mountains, lakes and fairytale castles!!

Of course! We are aware that B2B companies often like to run a combination of ERP or CRM systems alongside their customer portal and therefore we provide a full integration and implementation service to allow you to provide your customers with the very best portal you can!

We have many 'off-the-shelf' integration solutions and plug-ins as well as a team of programmers able to customise your PULSED platform to your exact requirements.

Not at all!
It is true that our founding inspiration came from experiences within manufacturing organisations but the need for real-time, digital and remote service support exists everywhere in almost all industries and markets!