PULSED was founded to prove that there is a better, more effective way to provide service in B2B sectors.


PULSED is an online platform that allows B2B companies and organisations to create incredible customer portals. In minutes and without any training, create a portal that exceeds your customer's most demanding expectations!

The Dashboard

Welcome home! With The Dashboard as the central hub your customers can view and access all their machines on one clear and simple page.

Premium Features

24/7 Access
One simple overview
One-click access to machines
Rapid service request
Direct access to documentation
Machine status tool

The Lifeline

Where is the machine number?! Let us throw you The Lifeline! The easiest, quickest service request system, automatically linked to a machine's data.

Premium Features

One-click access
Pre-filled fields
Linked to the specific machine
Easy prioritisation
Create requests from any device
Linked to contact details

The Library

Stop the search! The Library takes that folder or USB stick of machine documentation and presents in one, central, searchable location.

Premium Features

Single storage location
Quick search function
Download to device tool
Safe & permanent storage
Multi-media formats
Update & archive function

The Guru

Knowledge is power so why is it sometimes so hard to find?! The Guru is a knowledge base that will save your service teams and your customer time and money.

Premium Features

Easy knowledge-sharing
Key word search
AI-backed suggestions
Create articles in minutes
Share and send tool
Present text, images & videos

The Warehouse

Do you want to increase your spare parts business? Then make it easier! The Warehouse enables you to present, detail and sell your product' s spare and wear parts easier than ever.

Premium Features

Interactive exploded drawings
Single-click ordering
Create maintenance deals
Easy and quick price adjusting
Use existing drawings & parts lists
Link directly to your ERP